Mapping Non-formal Education at Post-primary Educational Level in Uganda

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Mapping Non-formal Education at Post-primary Educational Level in Uganda
1. This paper explores various cases of non-formal education at post-primary education level in Uganda with special focus on the analysis of the context of NFE provision and the curriculum. Other issues explored included educator training, materials development, teaching and learning methods, policy development and implementation, the relationship with formal education, linkages with work and employment and issues of sustainability and continuity. 2. The study findings suggest that Non-formal Education at post-primary education level is run on a rather ad hoc basis without clearly defined structures save for the recent initiatives in Community Polytechnics. Much as various policy documents and statements advocate for the integration of Non-Formal Education into the PPE level and the education system as a whole, the policy statements lack proper follow up and coherence. This is a contrast to government’s commitment to international protocols and proclamations on EFA – a position that would have seen NFE clearly streamlined in the entire education system. 3. Despite the lack of a policy framework to direct Non-Formal Education at PPE level, a number of advancements in terms of policies have been made. These include the draft Education Bill for educationally disadvantaged children at primary level and the adoption of a modularized curriculum for Community Polytechnics. These advancements however have not come easy as government has over time backtracked on the issue of Non-Formal Education particularly at PPE level. 4. Notable challenges still facing Non-Formal Education in Uganda include lack of specialized training for trainers, limited funding for the education sector which renders NFE a none priority and lack of policy framework to regulate and inform NFE as an alternative route to PPE in the country among others.
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Bananuka, T., & Katahoire, A. (2008). Mapping Non-formal Education at Post-primary Educational Level in Uganda [Working document].
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