EdTech Horizon Scan: Blockchain technology in education

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EdTech Horizon Scan: Blockchain technology in education
EdTech Hub horizon scans are publications designed to provoke thinking on a range of topics related to the design, implementation, oversight, and monitoring and evaluation of educational technology (EdTech) tools, products, services, and related ideas. This EdTech Horizon Scan examines the use of blockchain technology in education. Beginning with an overview of blockchain technology, the scan explains what blockchain technology is and how it works. The next section focuses on how blockchain technology can be used in education. In particular, it looks at the benefits of using blockchain technology for micro-credentialing and ownership of learning credentials, the transfer of credits and smart contracts, storing student credentials, identity verification and intellectual property protection. Section 4 gives a summary of the use of blockchain technology, noting the different challenges that may be associated with adopting blockchain technology into education systems. Section 5, gives real examples of the use of blockchain technology in education and different education institutions. Key words: blockchain; cryptography; data; decentralised database; digitalisation; education; micro-credentialing; smart contracting; student credentials; verification An output of the EdTech Hub, https://edtechhub.org
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Position paper
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Beoku-Betts, I., & Kaye, T. (2022). EdTech Horizon Scan: Blockchain technology in education [Position paper]. EdTech Hub. https://docs.edtechhub.org/lib/94H68P58