A Quality assessment of education and for Kenya's tour-operating sector

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A Quality assessment of education and for Kenya's tour-operating sector
This study examines the provision of tourism education and training in Kenya in the context of Sub-Saharan Africa and developing countries. Specifically the paper examines the human resource skills needed by Kenya’s tour-operating sector and the extent to which current training provision is adequate. The approach used in the present study is a modified version of WTO’s Tourism Education and Quality (TEDQUAL) methodology. The results indicate considerable convergence between the perceptions of industry operators and education providers concerning quality gaps in the development of skills. A number of systemic training shortcomings are identified including curriculum deficiencies and the inadequate development and enhancement of workplace skills. In view of the resource constraints facing most developing countries, it is argued that tourism trainingandeducation should consciously address the needs of the locally-based industry and that such an approach should result in a more effective education and training system.
Current Issues in Tourism
Mayaka, M., & King, B. (2002). A Quality assessment of education and for Kenya’s tour-operating sector. Current Issues in Tourism. https://doi.org/10.1080/13683500208667911
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