Chatbot, the Future of Learning?

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Chatbot, the Future of Learning?
Our position is that, in order to improve the quality of Romanian education, an intelligent learning system could become a substantial and versatile tool for aiding the achievement of every student’s potential, always aiding and encouraging him/her. The limits of the conventional learning process and mental health are major issues in many education systems. Chatbots are centered on assisting humans in performing their tasks efficiently and require a low amount of digital literacy to interact with. Chatbots have been shown to be effective in the fields of education and well-being. Due to the substantial difference between artificial intelligence technology waves, the interaction process can occur in several ways depending on the communication interface. How can we combine both traditional and automated educational approaches in the digital age? On one hand, an artificial intelligence tutor does not get angry or annoyed explaining the same problem at the student’s discretion and can also function as a personal therapist, while a human professor could be empathic, trying to keep a balanced teaching method adapted to all students.
September 1, 2020
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Ouatu, B.-I., & Gîfu, D. (2020). Chatbot, the Future of Learning? (pp. 263–268).