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The full report of Realdania

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The full report of Realdania
This report summarises published research on how children’s performance of schoolwork in primary and secondary schools and their subsequent educational attainments are affected by classroom temperature, air quality, noise, and lighting. The main conclusions (Items 1-20) are set out below as unequivocal statements that are validated by the findings of the detailed reviews of research published that form the bulk of the report, or by the findings of research published since those reviews were written and in some cases published. Bibliographic references to the original research reports are to be found in each detailed review or in the list that appears below. To each statement has been added brief comments based on other relevant findings noted in the reviews. A short list of what is NOT yet known about the effects of each indoor climate factor is then appended (Items 5, 10, 15, and 20), the implications for energy conservation (Items 21-25) and priorities for future research in this area (Items 26-30) are suggested. This report’ssummaryisprovidedseparatelywiththecurrentrecommendations and requirements of indoor environmental quality conditions in schools. Four appendixes contain detailed reviews based on which the present report was prepared.
International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy.
Wargocki, P., & Wyon, D. P. (2020). The full report of Realdania. International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy.